Member personas describe your ideal community member's identity. Who are you building the community for? Try to be as specific as possible in your answer e.g. I'm building a community for Indie hackers and solopreneurs who are building profitable businesses.

"A person becomes a member of a community when four things happen: The community aligns with their identity, They trust that the community will bring them value, They know how to participate, there is a reward (intrinsic or extrinsic) for their participation” -

"To build community: find your people, study your people, take notes, talk to your people, take notes, repeat quite a few times. The how then becomes much easier to answer." -

Rosie Sherry

Here are 4 steps to help you define your community persona (see an example written out below):

Step 1:

Have a short bio in mind - what is the professional background of your community members? Can it be summarized in one line?


ACTION! Let's fill out this part of the workbook:

1️⃣I define my community member persona as:

Community builders

Startup founders

Step 2:

Add specific details around the persona's characteristics - anything that adds more detail and helps you narrow down who your community members are. Location, professional role, industry expertise, etc.


ACTION! Let's fill out this part of the workbook:

2️⃣Define specific details:

Early career community managers

Step 3: